Private Yoga Classes


One-on-One Sessions

If you are a beginner student, you can gain confidence;

 If you are an experienced student,

you can deepen your practice. 

Private lessons are the perfect setting to work on your

personal goals and specific interests!

Have you ever been in a yoga class and felt like everyone was "getting it" except you?

Do you have some reasons that you might need to modify poses,

e.g., a previous injury or surgery that makes you feel somewhat restricted? 

Would you like to practice yoga seated in a chair and not on the floor? 

Any of these things can be done in a private yoga session!


  • You get a class that is specially designed to meet YOUR needs,

  • You get 100% of my attention

  • You don't have to rush to squeeze a yoga class into your schedule anymore

  • You will see positive changes much more quickly than if you only practiced in a large group class.

  • You get EXACTLY what you need. Today.


Let's begin with a new student 3 class package!

The first class is 90 minutes long and the first 30 minutes we will be getting to know each other.

You can specify your needs, share your concerns,

and we can figure out a plan that works for you!

The next 2 classes are 60 minutes each.

New student 3 class package: $180

5 package sessions:(10% discount) $54.00 per session> $270.00 total

8 package sessions (15% discount ) $51.00 per session > $408.00 total

12 package sessions (20% discount) $48.00 per session > $576.00 total 

Small Group Classes

A wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion or anytime you want a healthy group activity!

I can come to your office, home, hotel, or a special outdoor space and design a small group class specifically for your needs! Group classes are great for: 

  • Wedding parties

  • Office/ Team building retreats

  • Family or class reunions

  • Bridal shower or Bachelorette party

  • Wellness retreats